Supervisors’ Meeting March 15th to Consider Ending Rezoning Proposals

The Board of Supervisors will consider whether to terminate the “Devon Center” rezoning amendment project at its regular meeting on Monday, March 15th. This project began in January, 2019 with a Task Force to consider a “Vision for Devon” and any zoning amendments which might be necessary to fulfill the vision. The proposals that were put forth by the outside planning consultant included several drastic changes to Devon’s zoning–including repealing the longstanding 8 unit per acre density limit and rezoning residential land for commercial use–which were strongly opposed by hundreds of township residents.

The Supervisors did make some positive revisions to those proposals. Nevertheless, the board members stated at the last meeting that they believe the community does not support the current draft ordinance and the better course is to bring the project to a close.

There were some smaller, design type proposals that many people in our group supported, but the consensus seems to be it is better to close this project now, and consider any smaller revisions down the road as part of a general review of the zoning ordinance which the township plans to undertake.

Thanks to everyone for your involvement. We will see if this chapter can be closed this week.

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