Neighbors request Supervisors to make public the “investigation” of the “Consultant’s” potential conflicts of interest.

During the Devon Center Task Force meetings in 2019, the outside planning consultant hired by the township, Lisa Thomas of Glackin Thomas Panzak, was asked if she had worked on developer Eli Kahn’s large apartment complex in Malvern. (Mr. Kahn has proposed a similar project on land he owns in Devon). She answered “no.” When the task force learned that her firm has worked on the Malvern project, the township staff and solicitor conducted an “investigation” of the potential conflict of interest. Residents have asked to see the results of the “investigation” under Right to Know laws. The Township has provided 87 pages, which are entirely blacked out or “redacted,” like a top secret CIA memorandum.

Berwyn resident John Leone has appealed to the state office of Open Records in Harrisburg. Attorney Joe Kohn has written to the Supervisors asking that the documents be made public.

What is being hidden from the public in these 87 pages under a claim of privilege? Write or email the Supervisors to demand the “investigation” be made public.

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