Surprise Announcement at Board Meeting

At Monday’s Supervisors meeting, the Chair, Marc Heppe suggested that the township end the Devon rezoning project without enacting any zoning changes. He said that based on the public opposition to certain provisions, and lack of support from the area businesses, it seemed the proposed amendments were too unpopular. Supervisors Jim Oram and Betsy Fadem initially said they agreed to bring the project to an end without enacting an ordinance.

This was a surprising development but a positive one. This announcement will likely stop the planned increase in the unit limit from 8 (where it stood for many years) to 20. In addition, several members of the public and Supervisors Mike Wacey and Beth D’Antonio suggested we adopt a slimmed down version of the proposed ordinance with only the items that enjoy a consensus of support.

The board said they will take this up at their next meeting on March 15th and decide a course of action.

Thank you to everyone who sent letters and emails, put up lawn signs, commented at meetings, or otherwise helped our efforts to stop the township from enacting drastic proposals that could have altered the character of the Devon area.

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